Are Evening Numbers of Gosloto 6/45 Big Dipper?

The game of ball pools provides access to winning prizes; Gosloto 6/45 Evening numbers are uploaded on ImBazGSLT for our lucky bonus winners and beginners. It’s a revitalized lottery with a straightforward playing process. The game’s popularity is in South Africa, the USA, and the UK. For the Russian citizens, it’s a mega chance to build their future.

Payouts Evening Draw

There’re many winners in several divisions, as on the bottom division, 2 correct digits (five divisions), there’re 11027, these winners get the award amount of руб 50 per player. The nosebleed seat grabbers on 3 accurate balls (division four) are 1470 and secure руб 150.

Select the lucky balls from the balls pool

It’s time to steal your competitor’s thunder; according to our record on 4 correct balls (div three), the lucky people are 58 and clinch the bulk of руб 1500 money on their super decisions. On 5 matched entities (division two), two blockbuster winners receive the prize bond of руб 100 000. It produces zero lucky winners on matching the six exact numbers.

Latest Update of Evening Numbers

Our team has searched the evening lotto 6/45 statistics to inform the players. The common pairs, most commonly drawn numbers, and most minor standard numbers are here to build a winning chance for you.

  • The maximum ordinary evening Pairs are arranged in two ways—the first group of pairs of non-consecutive numbers and the second group of non-consecutive numbers of 6/45. You can find how many times it has been drawn in each set.
  • The Triplet evening numbers primarily drawn are categorized in two ways, non-consecutive and consecutive.
  • Most common Quadruplets draw numbers are placed in non-consecutive and consecutive groups.
  • The evening Quintuplets, commonly drawn, have been organized into two categories; one is not consecutive other is the next category.
  • The most common Sextuplets evening draws are shown in non-consecutive and consecutive categories.


02 0304 20 2407 11 20 2901 05 15 22 2326 32 38 39 43 45
03 1601 12 4001 12 37 4212 17 19 33 36
03 2901 21 2801 15 22 2314 16 22 26 41
16 2001 30 4101 25 30 4115 19 25 29 43
04 0814 16 2201 05 15 2315 30 33 40 44
11 2002 25 4412 17 33 3618 20 32 40 42
13 3302 03 2413 17 28 3819 25 30 33 36
29 3120 31 3213 26 42 4402 22 32 37 38
38 4527 33 3814 16 22 2602 03 24 25 45
08 3829 37 4115 23 31 3702 04 24 37 44
  • The least common (cold) evening numbers of Gosloto 6/45 are shown. The last hundred results are here:
  • Hot numbers of the evening are collected from the latest results. These are the evening numbers drawn in the latest results of the lucky box
playing the lottery with balls and win millions is not a dream


  • Ten overdue evening numbers of 6 out of 45 games are:
  • According to the latest results of Evening Numbers:

The Jackpot winner stands at which amount?

The last Gosloto 6/45 evening jackpot’s lucky winner trapped the amount pуб 57.9 million and got the super prize with a skilled and successful mindset.

How to play from South Africa?

Stay connected to a trustable site for the guidance of participating and playing from South Africa. The Russian people can play there offline or online from the authorized counter. Remember that draws occur or select 2 times morning and evening of each day if you follow the time clock of the Moscow Standard period.

1st of all, let’s catch an agent who says to bet online for the international lottery. You must select and buy the tickets twenty minutes before the corresponding draw. The sportspeople can choose the 6 digits from the 1-45 range, and your selected numbers are precisely similar to the winning box; you can win the jackpot.

You have to match at least 2 numbers for the super prize. You can escalate the victory probabilities by selecting more than six numbers. When you choose extra evening numbers, you can match digits more easily. So the betting game is all about your interest and self-satisfaction, and then the super bond is in your pocket.

You can charge 100 rubles per number price and get the award in millions, and you can visit the stoloto website to watch further history winners. The fine points of Gosloto 6/45 are available for you on our main page, along with the updated results.

The bottom line of 6/45 Evening Numbers


  • Meaningful multi-prizes lottery
  • Big deals in the morning as well as evening every day of a week
  • Approachable to every person
  • Don’t need any specific law
  • Well organized by a single company
  • Related lotteries 36,49 and 20 are also easily available
Evening Numbers of Gosloto 6/45 are real money for you


  • Twice offer per day
  • Players have to wait for evening draws to bet
  • The whole world’s punters can’t participate

FAQs of Evening Numbers

The game is repeated twice per day and played Monday to Sunday.

These numbers show the probabilities on the account of previous results, yes, these are helpful. The most important is your prediction and guess papers.

They are able to check the result details on

You can visit the ImBazGSLT for the exact results of Gosloto 6/45. After every 5 minutes, it updates the results according to the announcement of outcomes from the official site.


The organizing stoloto company announces Russian Gosloto 6/45 evening results. This game is played two times a day and gives the lucky bunch super prizes in the morning and evening draws. Punters have to go to Russia to play this lottery. It’s all related to the best hopes and a creative mind. Make vital decisions by indicating accurate numbers. 6/45 is the lottery of jackpots. Godspeed

Go and play for your bright future

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