Gosloto 4/20 is a Latest Prosperous Streak

At the inauguration, Gosloto 4/20 got a more confusing response about applying for a game and getting a lucky draw. With time, the organization has improved the game’s rules; now, it’s a top niche in the portfolio. It’s not much notorious but, fortunately, has loyal fans. It’s a juicy pack offer for Russia to become a prosperous nation. 

Introduction of Gosloto 4/20

The lottery was launched in 2016 and is played twice daily throughout the week. Punters can grab their lucky numbers anytime in the day, night, morning, or evening, so you’re never far away from your favourite game. Players can visit the official site and look at award winners’ history and strategies for playing and winning the betting game.

Gosloto 4/20 the lottery is well-to-do for punters in the history of awards


Draw Time10:00, 12:30, 16:00 and 22:00
Time zoneEurope/Moscow
Lottery Type  Numbers
Main Balls Drawn4
Drawn range1-20
Bonus BallYes
Bonus Ball from the same ballsNo
Bonus Drawn1-20

How to play Gosloto 4/20?

Sportloto four out of 20 is played in two panels (Panel 1 and Panel 2); it’s a worthy feature of this lottery. The player must select four balls from each pool in the 1-20. As you enter eight numbers, seven should match to win the Super-prize. There are extra prize levels for lotto players.

Players can pay extra money to select more than eight numbers from both panels to increase their victory chances. In this way, every possible combination can choose to cover a different digit. The more balls you pick (above 8), the more costly your ticket will be. It’s an excellent pick for you to select a lucky combination tactfully, pay tickets online or on a lotomatic retailer and wait for draw time.

How to participate?

Russian-governed stoloto can sell tickets for this game online or offline in Russia to accomplish players’ dreams. It’s also available in the UK and South Africa. Each ticket price is a minimum of руб 100 (1.75$). Drawings take place at 10:00 and 22:00, according to local time in Moscow (1 hour in advance in South Africa, 9:00 and 21:00). Tickets cannot purchase after 21:40 due to security reasons; the counter is disconnected after this time. The purchased ticket in off time will be forwarded to the next turn.

 This lotto is comfortable for Russian citizens

Gosloto 4/20 winners

Following us, the lowest guaranteed jackpot of this game meets in 10 million rubles. The biggest jackpot in game history is 216 million rubles. The buyer purchased the luckiest ticket for 500 rubles for 5 combinations in Moscow. The winner will receive 70.73$ in the game revenue on winning.

Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot Numbers

The statistical analysis is revealed for Gosloto 4/20; hot numbers are the unique numbers repeatedly drawn in the previous few draws. There are the lucky numbers that have more chance of being drawn in coming turns.


Cold Numbers

The coldest numbers appear once in a blue moon; these numbers have a low probability of being drawn again. The chances of any drawing depend on guesses and recent draw patterns along with your luck.


How does the winner claim?

Players have 6 months from the drawing date to make a prize claim. Generally, the payout is started after 24 hours from drawing time, but time is required to process the amount. The prizes range from 2,001 to 10,000 rubles and are received in the winner’s bank account upon submitting important documents to Stoloto. Enormous sums will be paid as a lump sum.

Russian citizens are subjected to pay 13% income tax from prizes for the states’ other matters. Non-Russian winners are allowed to pay a 30% tax which is withdrawn automatically from more than 15000 rubles sums before winners receive it.

Odds in Gosloto 4/20

The odds of winning are pretty favorable; that’s 1 in 23,474. It contains 12 prize ranks. The first jackpot is a minimum of 50 million rubles and as high as 545 million. If the punter is selected five balls intelligently, his odds are decreased to 6,613,425, and winning chances increase to 72%.

You’re blessed with a lucky prize for matching two balls. Players are capable of allocating 27.26% of the prize pool. The 11th division is a fixed hundred rubles and paid before the remaining divisions. However, the lucky ticket is always predicted pretty big for winning the jackpot, and it’s time to strike the gold.

Table of Divisions

DivisionsWinning combinations in Gosloto 4/20Prize pool
14+4 <all from each panel>23.36%
24+3 or 3+4 <four in 1st, three in 2nd>5.12%
34+2 or 2+4 <four in 1st, two in 2nd>1.16%
44+1 or 1+4 <four in 1st, one in 2nd >1.78%
54+0 or 0+4 <four in 1st, No in 2nd >2.04%
63+3 <three entries from each>0.98%
73+2 or 2+3 <three in 1st, two in 2nd>7.36%
83+1 or 1+3 <three in 1st, one in 2nd>9.18%
93+0 or 0+3 <three in 1st, no entry in 2nd>9.32%
102+2 < two from each>12.44%
112+1 or 1+2 <two in 1st, one in 2nd>100 rubles
122+0 or 0+2 <two in 1st, no entry in 2nd>27.26%

Gosloto 4/20 Prediction

There’re 23,474,025 possible combinations in the lottery. However, no website or software can predict four exact numbers of the next draw. By the pattern of history winners, players can wisely select balls from their pools, masterpieces of luck, and intelligence to improve their chances of winning jackpots. 

4 20 Result update

Our tool upgrades the victory chances by providing the latest results and details. Results will be updated at 11:00 and 26:00 when provided on the official website. Stay connected to push your luck and for upcoming ImBazGSLT result details. The result of Today is updated after 5 minutes.

The money-making game is rare but available in Russia

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Gosloto 4/20

Players are in safe hands as admired betting chance is waiting for them; there are praiseworthy facts about 4 × 20 games:


  • Morning and evening 24/7 Draws
  • Minimum guaranteed jackpots meet
  • Tickets aren’t expensive
  • Regulated by laws and international ministry
  • The jackpot will turn to next in case of no winner in the relevant draw
  • 12 prize ranks
  • Pretty favourable small prizes in winning odds
  • The online platform is a great opportunity for Russians

Our team collected the whole data about this betting opportunity for players’ comfort. You don’t need to go anywhere, and we want to show the possible drawbacks:


  • International betting game lovers can’t get chance
  • The lowest prize division isn’t impressive
  • Player has to pay income tax for the lotto in Russia

FAQs about Gosloto 4/20

Yes, it’s organized by the Russian ministry.

Punters from the whole world can bet on it with the help of international online lotto-agents

The odds of hitting Superprize are one in 23,474. There’re twelve prize tiers and the lowest one can be achieved by matching two numbers from both panels.


The lottery has a huge fan following, increasing its trend and ensuring players get the best Jackpot prizes. All essential data about Russia’s Gosloto 4/20 has been summarized with the mug of wine. The ball is in your court, as it’s safe and legitimate. It offers pleasant and rich passions among Russians. State laws make these lottery result illustrations transparent for all of you, and it’s time to get a foot in the door.

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