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The lottery game offers a limited chance of being a billionaire; for the sportspeople, a fantastic lotto Russian Gosloto 5/36 isn’t beyond your wildest dreams. Those who are looking for multiple pretty options are in the right place. There needs to be clear evidence of when it was launched. The 1st Gosloto lottery was established in 2005, and our research revealed that 5_36 was introduced after 2005.      


An accessible game on account of its good draws on the lottery list under Russian ministry guidance is growing in South Africa and Russia. The rules changed officially to make this lotto more convenient in 2017. There’s a clear difference in its laws as the lower guaranteed jackpot was 400,000 rubles and is now available for only 3 million rubles. Punters can try their luck with maximum opportunities, “who knows the sky’s limit.”

The game of 5 out of 36 is in ball form it would be helpful for players to know about the lottery

48 drawing Times

The surprising feature of Gosloto 5/36 is the availability of 48 draws with Hollywoodbets per day throughout the week. It offers the winning chance after every half an hour. Draw times are 12:30, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, and 23:59 (Moscow Standard Time).

What is the closing time?

The attention-capturing point of the game is the names of the draws, which show the closing time on the Left for Russia and the Right for South Africa. Players must be conscious that the results are updated according to the Name of the draw time on the official website.

How to buy a ticket for Gosloto 5/36?

The lottomatic tickets are available online for Russian citizens. The single ticket price is 42.24$. However, players can bet on more combinations by paying for the extra betting number than selected lucky numbers. It will enhance the winning chances. Players can buy the ticket 20 minutes before off-time. Authorities look after the lottery has a proper check and balance of ticket sale time.

Your bonus ranking Suggestion

The biggest Jackpot

In history, the biggest jackpot was 47.37 million rubles (US $642,337) won in 2013; the winner was an old manager who had been playing since the 1980s and had spent 120 rubbles hardly. There’re two divisions, Superprize and Prize, independent of each other.

How do you play Gosloto 5/36?

Lotto 5 36 playing is relatively easy and requires a few minutes to set up the player’s account. Although players have multiple opportunities in the State and from South Africa, they can participate through online betting websites. The double-matrix format is followed, 5/36 + ¼, and the quick-pick function of selecting six numbers.

Playing Guide

  • Select five lucky numbers in the range of 1-36
  • Select an additional 6th number
  • 6th number has to select in the range of 1-4
  • Choose which draws are entered first
  • After selection, purchase your tickets
  • Wait for the final draw of Gosloto 5/36

Odds in Gosloto 5/36

Stoloto five 36 is characterized by a juicy jackpot pack with fine small prizes to balance the odds; players must match five balls with the winning box to claim the prize. The five matched numbers include an additional number that looks the best of both worlds than other lotomatics. There are two super prizes, divisions 1 and 2, and the other three prizes with a fixed amount. The odds of hitting the fabulous prize is one in 1,507,968.


DivisionsMatched NumberPrizesOdds of Winning
Jackpot5 of 5 + 1₽1 million1 in 1,507,968
2nd Prize5 of 5₽100,0001 in 376,992
3rd Prize4 of 5₽4,0001 in 2,432
4th Prize3 of 5₽4001 in 81
5th Prize2 of 5₽401 in 8

Hot and Cold Digits for Gosloto 5/36

5-36 hot picks appear time after time in the latest draws. These desirable entities have higher probabilities of drawing in the coming tier. Cold numbers are now and then drained numbers and have less likelihood of being drawn. The prospects are based on history, draw details, guesses, and previous patterns.

Hot Pick






Punters have clever minds, and successful mindsets and get Jackpot in millions from this game

Cold Pick






What is the payout rule for Gosloto 5/36 winners?

There are many payout ways in Sportloto 5 36, and winners have 180 days to make a prize claim from the draw date. According to Stoloto’s official headquarters, Jackpot is paid as a lump sum. The prize tier of more than 2000 rubles is rewarded at authorized retail venues. The payout for the prize is 100,000 rubles (1,562.50$ US), and winners get the payout in their bank account or online wallet.

How can you Predict?

Do you look for successive winner draw balls? The accurate prediction about this lottery is the name of the game, the choice of 5 hops from 36 with an extra ball. Authorities give clues about the next winner by statistical analysis of previous winning draws. Are you the next lucky person in game history? Let’s bet on your lucky numbers and become part of a prosperous community.

Today’s searches of 5/36

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  •  Latest updates
  • Today’s Prediction
  • 5-36 cold and hot pick
  • 5 out of 36 Draw 3 
Showing the specification of this Sportloto in image format

Results Update of Gosloto 5/36

According to our research, there are four kinds of Gosloto, and each lottery has a designated draw time. There needed to be more clarity for players regarding the latest results; we are pleased to share that our team has designed ImBazGSLT. Now the results of each draw for all the lotto types are updated as soon as they are uploaded to the official website.

The bottom line of Gosloto 5 out of 36

The praiseworthy game for Russians is favorable to play and full of packages. As it aims to develop athletic and sports trends, we’re happy to share houseful advantages. There’re some faults in the game that are officially certified, making it trustable by clearing each and everything.


  • Multiple Drawings per day
  • Super jackpot, and additional fixed prizes
  • Organized by Ministry entities
  • The odds of claiming are excellent
  • Minimum guaranteed awards
  • Reasonable tickets are available from licensed retail venues
  • No winners in draws, prizes will flip to the next one


  • Low Prize Bonds aren’t impressive
  • It’s  not a part of online lottery agents
  • Fixed taxes; 13% for Russians and 30% for foreigners
  • Expensive tickets for big prizes than other lotteries

FAQs related to Gosloto 5/36

The game takes place after every 30 minutes per day, players can play 24/7. It is like a set of balls 1-36. They can choose 5 balls and pay for them to win the prize.

Draw times for this game are 12:30, 15:00, 17:59, 21:00, and 23:59 (Moscow Time).

Players have to select five numbers with an additional number. They can win prize ranks if all the selected ones are the same as the winning numbers.

 No, there is no bonus number in the gameplay

Yes, this game has double prize tiers: Super prize and Prize.


Gosloto 5/36 arguably is one of the most wanted lottos to play in Russia and South Africa. The game is so far, so good as valid tickets, top prizes, and the finest draws. You don’t cry over spilled milk if you’re in the State, and don’t try any single chance. The Gosloto 5/36 game is scam-free and not disappointing. Players are receiving a package beyond their wildest dreams because it offers Hollywoodbetting chances.

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