GOSLOTO 6/45 a New Ball (Fun game)

Is Russia Gosloto 6/45 a new game for you? How to stay away from scams? It’s a unique lottery on account of twice the chances to win the jackpot, valuable playing and makes things exciting for beginners. The players are full of the joys of springs to bet on magical lotomatic and stay connected to our updated page for historical and latest records. 


Series of well-organized lotteries played in Russia, the life and soul of the lottery are 6/45 and 7/49. The organized stoloto 6/45 is played after every 12 hours per day from Monday to Sunday, providing numerous prize bonds in am and pm draws. Gosloto was launched in 2005, this lotto was introduced in 2008, and now it’s well known in South Africa, the UK, and the USA. It’s a unique opportunity in the portfolio, and the money generated lottery is entirely legitimate. Our software ImBazGSLT is automatically updated after every 5 minutes to provide the latest record.

How to play Gosloto 6/45?

Sportspersons can pick six lucky numbers in the range 1-45. The selection of the 7th ball boosts the winning probabilities. Selected random numbers to play 6/45. These numbers must match to winning box. Per entry, the cost is reasonable, which is enhanced in proportion to your selected combinations. You must visit nearby retailers, SMS, or online counter to play the Russia Lottery. We are pleased to share that with Russian punters, now South African players can also participate in this gameplay, so it’s time to luck out.

How to get the lucky ticket?

The single ticket price is 50 rubles.

  • Search for a trusted lotto provider agent who allows players to play
  • Pick up your desired numbers wisely
  • Pay for your tickets
  • Watch the draw results after concluding the session
The game that gives numerous prizes is lovable to all the players.

Odds and prizes in Gosloto 6/45

The more selected players match the winning numbers, the greater the prize. The victory probability of odd is 1:7, and to be sitting pretty than other lotteries with the minor jackpot is fifty rubles.


PrizesMatch NumbersOddsPrize %ageEstimated Prize
Jackpot61 in 81450605850 million rubles
2 Prize51 in 3480816100,000 rubles
3 Prize41 in 73381500 rubles
4 Prize31 in 4518150 rubles
5 Prize21 in 7100 rubles50 rubles

More Details about Gosloto 6/45

What is draw time?
Lotto 6×45 drawn time is 11:00 and 23:00 MSK, and the same time in South Africa is 10:00 and 22:00 SAST. The ticket cut-off time is 21 minutes before the exact draw time.
How is Gosloto 6/45 the assert?
The trophy winners who win little awards can claim to authorize stoloto tickets providing counter. Jackpot winners must collect their prizes from the main headquarters, and the processing time is two months. Gamers can assert prizes in 179 days.
Biggest awards
In the game’s history, a massive jackpot of 358.3 million rubles (5.63 million $) was won by certain Nikolai in 2016, and another jackpot was 364 million rubles won on 21_5_2017. The super prize, according to our research, is 26,778,450.

6 45 Hot and cold numbers

Statistical analysis of stoloto 6/ 45 includes the coldest and hottest numbers and morning and evening drawing entities, which can build different strategies to win prizes. Players should emphasize historical results about habitually appearing and most minor appearing numbers.

Commonly drawn entities are


Tips to win

Gosloto 6/45 is predictable now. Some games have tips to win the super prize. Stoloto six out of 45 is one of them.

There’re some logical tips for upgrading 2022 results, and it’s not guaranteed, but some clues on account of history winner analysis. Players don’t need to consider all the websites exploring the indication about the game. So clever minds can get many data from records to refine winning chances.

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The Bottom line of the Game

Like other lotto types, we’ve searched for positive and negative features. To clarify your doubt and make sure about its features. There’re a few points where this lotto oversight the marks.


Attractive formula to play games for beginners
The ticket price is very affordable.
Four low-division tiers
An additional chance, apart from 6/45
Famous lottery internationally
Some amount of prizes is invested in sports management
The minimum guaranteed prize is 100 rubles


Russia has a tax of 13 percent.
Lower prizes are not notable.
No bonus which increases the prize size


By finding international lottery providers players can participate in the game.

There is a time difference of 1 hour between Russia and South Africa. It’s 11:00 and 23:00 MSK, 10:00 and 22:00 SAST.

 6 45 was 1st launched in 2008 after 5/36 lotteries.

There should be matched 6 draws of players to the winning pool. Russian lotto offers five prizes on matching 2-6 numbers. It is also including a super prize.


Land of vodka has exciting lotteries; Russia Gosloto 6/45 deserves specific attention. Rather than no bonus, it’s a straightforward, simple game full of endless fun. Modern players enjoy this opportunity; if you’re interested in this game, try to play today. The bliss pack tickets for the lottery are available Internationally. The lottery has a motto translated as “dreams can come true.” The six-out-of-45 lottery provides morning and evening chances, and the state follows happy-go-lucky strategies for making rich vibes.

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