Gosloto 7/49 a Smart Money

How many lotteries do you know, with 42 draws in a week? Gosloto 7/49 brings admirable things to happen, a big offer to become a landlord and supervised by the orglot along with the Russian ministry. It’s the best lottery since sliced bread offers Hollywoodbets to you by just getting keyed up. You should test your luck at once with a heavy bank bonus.


Gosloto 7/49 aim’s to pinche the game culture and constructs a rich culture in Russia and other countries. Dynamic lotto rules are systematized by Stoloto transparently. This game is trending towards being more player-friendly due to super prizes, played 24/7, six times a day, and winning the trust of the big punters’ community Internationally. Sportloto 7/49 was inaugurated in 2008, and the game is generally played in the US, South Africa, and the UK. Guys, have a coffee mug and come, rain or shine, to the Russian finer game. There’s all information about this lottery and its results at Gostoloo.

How to play Gosloto 7/49?

The game formula is denoted by the name 7/49 main balls + betting ball/ whole ball set, and players can select seven lucky numbers in the range of one to forty-nine. 7 entities must match to strongbox for the lucky charms jackpot. It’s not contained any bonus number. There’re 85,900,584 combinations possible for drawing numbers against your competitors to become billionaires. You can play this lottery by knowing the helping steps.

The lotomatic is full of surprises with Hollywoodbets.

Guide to playing smartly

  • Find a website or an agent which provides online lottery
  • Choose 7 desired numbers from 1_49
  • Select an extra betting ball
  • Play as much as you want
  • Enter your lucky number or all selected numbers
  • Pay for your tickets
  • Price enhances corresponding to the betting ball
Is Golden ball in your draw or not? Make sure while selecting the numbers accordingg to previous results

Draw Details

The most accessible lotto 7/49 takes place six times a day. Draw time is 12:30, 15:30, 17:30, 19:30, 21:30, and 23:30 MSK (1 hour ahead of SAST). Sportspeople can check the latest draws on our site once outcomes are updated on the official website. It facilitates the gamers by necessary result updating.


Ticket availability is under stoloto, the most outstanding lottery distributor in the state; the sport-community can play online in Russia. Russian players can visit the official retailers online or by SMS. The per-entry fee is R23 in South Africa and 100 rubles in Russia. Tickets are purchased twenty minutes from draw time.

Pick the jackpot ball

Jackpot winner

The Lucky Jackpot winner of this lottomatic caught the prize of pуб 132 million (R26.8 million in SA)on 18 October 2020. Prime awards go before 300 million rubles; the lowest guaranteed prize is 10 million rubles.

Odds in Gosloto 7/49

The profitable Stoloto 7-49 offers an additional prize for correctly matching the units from 2-5. The minimum award is 25 rubles. According to the rapid growth of the lottery, the award size will go to more than 100 million rubles. To win the prize, the odds are one in 3.8 overall. Rewards are delivered in lump sum cash form after an income tax is paid from the prize amount. Super award winners can claim a prize 180 days from the drawing date. The following table explores the best betting routes gamers can win lucky ducks:

DivisionMatch entitiesOddsCost
Jackpot785,900,584 in 150 million rubles
1st Prize6292,179 in 175,000 rubles
2ndPrize54,751 in 11,500 rubles
3rd Prize4214 in 1175 rubles
4th Prize322 in 150 rubles
5th Prize24 in 125 rubles

Gosloto 7/49 hottest and coldest number

Statistically, the probability of each number to be drawn is equal, but hot and cold numbers undoubtedly determine success. We are passionate about expressing the random digits of today. Players have a look at these extreme Gosloto 7/49 entities and can enhance winning chances. 

Repeatedly drawing hot numbers are:


The numbers appear as rare as hen’s teeth are cold ones, which are:


Gosloto 7/49 Prediction

The exact number indication is not a piece of cake; that’s why we collected all possible digits on account of previous winning balls and guesses issued by the official website. So, it requires an innovative and active sports mind to bring a lucky dip and become a billionaire. Some predicted numbers are:


Gosloto 7/49 Result details

Results of the corresponding lottorank are uploaded after 35 minutes on ImBazGSLT. Stoloto has a well-organized checking system that optimizes and updates the morning and evening results and historical results. The exact results updates are delivered on our website to facilitate our best players.

Do you mind evaluating Gosloto 7/49?

Uniqueness and Drawbacks

Gosloto 7/49 has some distinctive characters, making this lotto extraordinary, trustworthy, and more prominent than all other lottery types. We have found impressive characteristics in it. Do you know the limitations of 7_49? There is no specific drawback so we can find a few negative points mentioned.

  • Uniqueness
  • Maximum draws per day
  • The odds of winning are superlative
  • Additional prize divisions
  • Regulated appropriately
  • Approachable low-guaranteed jackpots available without any limit
  • Small price tickets
  • The first version which provides major prize bonds
pros of the lottery are countless as it's the biggest lotomatic
  • Drawbacks
  • 13% tax on the total winning amount of player
  • Claiming the odds aren’t good
  • Players from the rest of the countries can’t participate
cons have be shown for your comfort to select numbers


The retailer is turned off twenty minutes after every draw.

We have collected a lot of data for players, you can stay on the Goslotoo website for each and every draw result of 7-49.

There are six draws in a day that occurs the whole week

The number of awards per day is available with low-cost tickets, winning odds are simple and approachable and a lot of chances to try your lucky number throughout the week. These particular things make it heart-loving to players.


Gosloto quick-pick 7/49 is the scam-free chance, deserves an honest reputation as it’s not fixed, and has excellent prize bonds rather than small static prizes. The super-bundle offers a high victory rate as the extra 4 prize tiers are legitimate. International gamers cannot achieve the iconic lottery; game lovers have to play it from Russia, and luck plays an essential role in the Wine-Matic prosperous era. You’ll do great if you’re there and have the opportunity to play Gosloto 7/49, enjoy its Hollywoodbetting chance, and stay connected for the latest updates.

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