How to play lotto 6/45? Russian Legal and Reliable game

Introduction of Playing lotto 6/45

Gosloto 6/45 provides double daily chances, and you will learn how to play lotto 6/45 in this article. We will learn how to play lotto 6/45 game. It is the prominent lotomatic, playing includes the weekends and the draw times at Moscow Time.



In South Africa, this time equal to



Where to go for checking the result of the lottery?

Players can get the latest result of playing lotto 6/45 which is updated on our site.

This tool is bringing up-to-date results as uploaded on the official site.

How do you play lotto 6/45?

The playing steps are simple for beginners. It’s all about the active judgment of previous results, hot and cold numbers, the predicted numbers, and then the selection of the 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 45. The drum of balls opens twice, and the super prizes are tons just by matching two to six digits with the winding drum.

Russia loves to make rich income

For the extra chance of getting the jackpot, you have to go the extra mile and choose more balls (the 7th ball) from the pool. All the balls you have selected and the different balls are entered in your draw after paying the tickets of 100 costs per ticket. The price of tickets rises proportionally as the player has entered the other combination.

Playing for Russia: Players can buy their tickets online from a retail store or by mobile application for 100 rubles, and they can purchase until 20 minutes before the draw time. The official site keeps closing the area for 20 minutes for security reasons.

Playing Guide from South Africa

Now, this lottery is familiar in country areas like South Africa and many other countries for the punters to enjoy their betting chances. The performers can play the lotto on 6/45, and they have to be focused just on a few steps for playing from abroad:

Play lotto 6/45 in South Africa is right now
  • At the 1st glance, search out an agent who permits you to bet online on 6/45
  • You can elite the lucky ducks from 1-45
  • When you’re satisfied, play lotto 6/45 as you desire
  • Having the lucky streak, choose the draw first playing
  • Then buy these numbers and wait for the draw result.

Here’s no bonus ball in this lotto; that’s why go for the extra number and have mental victory satisfaction. This lottery was launched in 2003 but became part of Gosloto in 2008, and now it contains the morning and evening draws and marvelous results in history.

One of the jackpots recorded is RUB 203 million, and another prize bond of two sports partners, each grabs the Jackpot of half RUB 135 million.

We have searched the Jackpot of history and covered it in our data for your access; in 2009, a jackpot winner took RUB 100 million to his home.

The biggest Jackpot is RUB 364 million in the history of the 6_45 lottery, held on 21-05-2017, won by the Sochi player.

Prizes on odd and their %age

The lower Jackpot in 6/45 is 10 million rubles; on matching the 2 winners, there’s a fixed 100 rubles prize; this %age is on the bases of 50% from ticket sales, the remaining revenue for the country athletes, and other works. There is fundamental data on how to play lotto 6/45 and the prize percentage.

6 Balls1 in 8,145,06058%
5 Balls1 in 34,80816%
4 Balls1 in 7338%
3 Balls1 in 4518%
2 Balls1 in 7100 RUB
Put your balls and win the bands of prizes

Play lotto 6/45_FAQs

It helds at two times 11:00 as well as 23:00 MSK and at the same time in South Africa at 10:00 as well as 22:00 SAST

On 10 November 2008, Gosloto 6/45 1st draw was launched.

No, it’s growing at every moment, it’s not capped.


Gosloto 6/45 is overriding in all the Russian lotteries. It’s the fatty packet of winning the Supreme award; playing steps are a piece of cake for all the players. The punters from South Africa can play. The advance details are available with a click to you. It’s all about how you can play lotto 6/45, and its prediction is also general. Lord helps those who help themselves; let’s take the 1st step towards a better future and get a great offer.

Let's make your number and play how you want

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