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Stoloto is the largest company that distributes state lotteries in Russia. It’s organized smartly by the Ministries of Sports Russia and the Ministry of Finance of Russia. It has more than 60K points in its business network worldwide.

Stoloto is the super-marketer of all lotteries in Russia. The winning rate of participants represents its trustworthiness. The victory number in the whole state lotteries has exceeded $65 billion, and every play has an equal ability to become a millionaire—the most guaranteed company for Russian lotteries.


In various countries, lottery games are impacting critically, that’s why European Countries have controlled and authorized Operator Companies. It’s licensed and also manages other local companies. You can measure the honesty of the game procedure. Russia started this acceptable practice in 2014. The company is continuously growing and improving its playing strategies. There is a well-managed system for checking the results of various lotteries.

The players can participate by mobile and play their desired lottery to win the current draws. It uses advanced technologies, allows the lotto players to choose any desired lotteries, or provides more prizes. The players are proficient in looking at the accurate combinations of numbers drawn in the previous winning box.

Who provides the tickets to play?

The Russian lotteries are state-owned. Russia is assisting the money-enhancing means and spreading the luxurious atmosphere worldwide. Authoritative administrations manage them:

  • Ministry of Sports of Federal Russia (Housing Lottery, Russian Lotto)
  • Ministry of Finance of federal Russia (KENO-Sportloto, Win with us)

Russian Lotto and Gosloto are the brands’ lotteries owned by the Ministry of Finance. Sportloto LLC and State Sports Lotteries JSC have approved contractors. Stoloto trading counter is a single and unique place to distribute tickets. It also pays the prize bonds. The sales counters of Stoloto were placed in all the cities of Russia.

Russian Stoloto Lottery Process

Sports Ministry of Finance or Russian Federation has assigned an agreement with the operator. You can check and approve the rules and regulations of the lottery, which the operator develops.

The organizing operator (Sportloto LLC or State Sports Lotteries JSC)is leading the lottery.

Stoloto assures the ticket distribution before each lottery draw and payment strategies for winners. Almost 50% of your tickets are transferred to prize funds for state use.

New Year changes

Since 2018, players of 18 plus could participate in the state Lotteries. The reason was that the super bonds were paid only after passport confirmation. The tax amount for winners is also changed now. Less than 4000 rubles are declared if the winner is interested. However, the tax on winning more than 15000 rubles is paid by lottery operators. The sum of winning is 4000 to 15000 rubles is estimated, and every citizen loves to pay the tax on winning the Jackpot.

History of winners and Market Volume

Despite critical views from some countries, Russia’s lottery business is growing consistently. It’s a multimillion-dollar industry supported by Stoloto, and its popularity is increased with time. Let’s have an overview, in 2016, the number of total tickets distributed in Russia increased by 46%.

Gosloto earned 1.8 Billion rubles in the first half of 2017 only.

According to Stoloto Statistics, 76% of players win today’s lotto in the state lotteries. The company is paying 200,000 winnings to participants every day. The prize bonds are different according to the tires of a lottery. Fifteen winnings appeared weekly, equal to 1 million rubles, and sometimes more is paid out.

It’s the game of the active mind. Here are some interesting happenings:

  • On 16 February, a UFA player made a solid guess for five numbers and achieved more than 26 million rubles from a lottery victory. This historical prize bond drew from “Gosloto 5 out of 36“. Stoloto to 5/36 is a dreamlike lottery among other lotteries. 
  • Twenty-six adorable players won the Jackpot of millions in New year’s tickets distributed in the Russian post. The tickets were distributed on 1 January.
  • On 1st March, a player won 267 million rubles. He developed the determining combination on his own and won the Jackpot.

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